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We are building a central directory of information for the Nelsonville, Ohio area.

To help support an maintain this site, we may charge a small monthly fee for each entry on the page of business links.   To get an entry on the business page , send your request and the required information, described below, to:

        c/o Don Carter
        34 Robbins Road
        Nelsonville, OH 45764

        Or Email to

For the business links, please include (1) the web address of your website, (2) the name of your business as you want it on our page, and (3) up to a twenty word description of your business and website.

If your business does not have an internet presence or if you personally do not have an internet presence, contact our internet service provider, FrogNet, and see what they can do for you.

There is no fee for being listed on our nonprofit organizations page.  However, we do ask that you send us a letter showing that you are nonprofit.  Also, please include (1) some brief literature about your organization, (2) the name of your nonprofit organization as you want it on our page, and (3) up to a twenty word description of your nonprofit organization and website.

We reserve the right to edit any and all text so as to conform to the style of our pages.  Also, we reserve the right to change the style and layout of our pages at any time.

In addition, we will not include links to sites that we find objectionable such as those that:

        Promote sexually explicit materials
        Promote violence
        Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion,
                nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age
        Promote illegal activities
        Otherwise violate intellectual property rights

If a site is found to contain offensive material, as judged by us, the link(s) will be removed.

All information placed on this site is thought to be accurate but no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information is implied. The authors claim no responsibility with regard to any errors found on this site or any losses that may be incurred because of such errors. Use at your own risk.

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